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According to the 2020 Census, the older population reached 55.8 million or 16.8% in the United States (Alabama percentage is slightly higher at 17.6%). This rapid growth is largely driven by aging baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) who began turning 65 in 2011. As the population ages, at some point, you might need more regular or full-time care than you can handle at home. There are numerous long-term care solutions out there, including nursing homes and assisted living communities.

What are the key differences between assisted living and nursing homes? Assisted living is primarily a residential environment, while nursing homes – also called skilled nursing facilities – are considered medical environments. More adults are making the move to senior living communities as a lifestyle choice, so they can take advantage of the services, amenities, and opportunities, and know they have access to health services before they need them. Here are 5 of the best reasons to make the move to an assisted living community.


The Ease of Transition Into Assisted Living

Unlike nursing homes, where residents typically need and have access to 24/7 medical assistance & care, residents of assisted living homes in Alabama typically do not require the same level of attentive care and are still capable of living independent lives (Read our guide to the differences between assisted living and nursing homes here). The fact that these residents are more independent by nature makes their transition into assisted living easier, as they are able to maintain their independence and continue with the hobbies and activities they enjoy. 

Maintaining independence is a priority for many assisted living residents in Alabama, and a key factor in easing their transition into assisted living. Offering both organized group outings as well as the freedom to come and go as you please, assisted living truly allows residents to be themselves and strive to cultivate easy transitions for their residents. You can read our guide on how to prepare for the transition into assisted living here.


Assisted Living Offers Personalized Care

Assisted living communities in Alabama like those from Cavalier Senior Living offer personalized care for residents, helping them stay on top of their medications, daily tasks, and any other activities on their schedule. Along with personalized care, meals and outings are also tailored to the preferences of residents. There are even weekly clubs for all sorts of hobbies and passions of assisted living residents. Most importantly of all, there is a 24-hour call system in place to assist residents with any need at any hour, giving them and their loved ones peace of mind that they are in good hands in the case of an emergency.


Assisted Living Offers Medication Assistance

Over 55% of older individuals don’t properly comply with their medication instructions, so this benefit of assisted living is particularly important. In fact, forgetting to take medications, or simply losing track of a medication schedule is one of the most common challenges that seniors face in Alabama. Because of the personalized and intentional medication assistance provided to assisted living residents, they and their loved ones are able to focus on the important things in their lives without having to worry about them missing their meds. 


Assisted Living Offers the Opportunity to Build Community

Finding community is of utmost importance for us all. For that reason, Cavalier Senior Living communities are built to foster community among residents. We know that maintaining a healthy and fulfilling community can become more difficult with age, but that doesn’t have to be the case with assisted living. Group outings, hobby-based clubs, family-style dining, and common areas are all in place to help assisted living residents bond and build deep, lasting friendships with their neighbors. And if you are in the mood to have some time alone, residents are able to do that as well. Assisted living communities are relaxed, low-stress environments that help all residents thrive however they are wired. 


Assisted Living Offers Memory Care

When seniors are dealing with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, the unique memory care provided at assisted living communities is one of the top reasons to choose assisted living in Alabama. Memory care is designed to help seniors with dementia hold onto their life stories, and all the memories that make them who they are. The story-centered approach to memory care taken by Cavalier Senior Living allows us to embrace the rich past of our loved ones by building a unique and strategic program that is different for every resident. Read more about the many benefits of memory care for assisted living residents in Alabama here.


Why Choose Assisted Living With Cavalier Senior Living?

Cavalier Senior Living communities offer activities, socialization, nutritious meals, access to medical care, services & amenities that relieve the burden of homeownership. It’s easy to see why more seniors in Alabama have decided this is a great way to enjoy the good life. We offer top of the line communities with all of the previously discussed benefits, and so much more! We offer top of the line communities in 9 different locations across the state of Alabama.

Cavalier Senior Living communities in Alabama:

For more information on how an assisted living facility could help you or your loved one in Alabama, contact Cavalier Senior Living, or schedule a visit today!