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When our loved ones get older, everyday life becomes more difficult. It can become more and more challenging for them to remember important things, like family matters and taking medication. That is why the top senior living communities offer memory care to residents. Designed to treat dementia in a way that helps them hold onto their life stories, memory care is an intentional, effective, and compassionate way to address the decline of our loved ones’ memories. Let’s go over the benefits of memory care from Cavalier Senior Living.

Story-centered Approach

The story-centered approach to memory care taken by Cavalier Senior Living allows us to embrace the rich past of your loved ones. This personalized approach to helping nurture and support memory capacity incorporates their abilities, preferences, and personal history into a strategic program that is different for every resident. These plans are specifically designed to help them flourish and improve their memory function in our supportive environment. 


The memory care facilities from Cavalier Senior Living are designed to foster companionship and community among our residents. Memory care residents have 15 neighbors to share meals with, play games with, go on outings with, and otherwise bond with. The small, close-knit family environment ensures that memory care residents get the right amount of companionship without being overstimulated and confused. 

24 Hour on-site care staff

Our team of memory care professionals and caregivers are ready and happy to help with anything our memory care residents need, 24 hours a day. It is our priority to provide our memory care residents with consistent, reliable care whenever they need it. From medical help to just being a friendly face to talk to, our memory care staff is ready at all times. 

3 Home cooked meals a day

One important aspect of the memory care service at Cavalier Senior Living is the focused nutritional care that memory care residents receive. The world class kitchen staff at Cavalier Senior Living memory care facilities provide residents with 3 healthy and delicious home cooked meals. These meals help foster healthy brain function, improving the capacity for learning, memory, attention, and mental health of our memory care residents.

Medication management & health monitoring

Another benefit of memory care is the comfort of having your loved one’s medication managed by professionals, along with health monitoring. Memory care residents can sometimes find it difficult to keep a medication routine, and with the help of our memory care staff, they will get the medication they need on the schedule they need. The health monitoring that is given to memory care residents is just another way that we look out for our people. 

Entertainment amenities

Cavalier Senior Living believes in not just helping memory care residents with their health, but also with their quality of life. We offer cable television, wifi, game & craft rooms, and more for our community of memory care residents to enjoy with their neighbors. There are also planned recreational outings for all of our memory care residents to take part in. This enables them not only to have fun, but also to build lasting friendships and community. 

Memory Care from Cavalier Senior Living

At Cavalier Senior Living, our memory care communities have been providing world class memory care since 2004. Embracing the Journey is a person-centered memory care program that weaves together your loved one’s past, present and future into a warm, comfortable memory care experience. We seek to honor the life story of all our memory care residents while helping them connect to the world around them and the people they love.

We offer a wide variety of assisted living facilities and services for both the elderly and memory-impaired across Alabama. Our teams of medical and community-driven professionals are here to make sure your loved ones are well taken care of in every sense. For more information on memory care and assisted living in Alabama, contact Cavalier Senior Living today!