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Ministering to Seniors

Flowers for Residents

Following worship services and weddings, altar flowers are taken to assisted living residents for their rooms or to be displayed for enjoyment of all residents in a common area.

Visitation Ministry

Members visit and provide outreach to residents who are in the community.

Weekday Bible Study

Invite members of your church and from your community to participate in a weekday Bible Study (include refreshments, singing and prayers).

Older Adult Choir/Special Music

Senior Adult or Youth Choir can sing hymns for the communities. Plan special events such as Christmas caroling throughout the community.

Game Day

Once a week or monthly, hold a game day for older adults (include games that involve mental stimulation).

Exercise and Fitness Classes

Lead a form of chair exercise designed for older adults.

Cross Generations

Coordinate socials for children and youth to spend time with residents. This works well around holidays. Residents may enjoy reading to children, singing hymns, playing bingo, etc.

Recognition Service and Dinner

The congregation sponsors a special dinner, worship service, or other celebration to honor the faith, wisdom, ministry and service of older adults. Many residents are able to attend these outings. Helpful to coordinate travel with the Administrator for multiple residents.

Pet Therapy

Many older adults love dogs, cats and other small animals yet are unable to care for them. This ministry allows the residents to reap the many benefits of pet therapy. Coordinate this type of visitation with the Administrator as they do have to have certain paperwork and certification on visiting animals for resident protection.

Rituals for Older Adults

Ministers or leaders share in prayer, scripture, song, Holy Communion.

Field Trips

Churches can setup outings with Activities Director and Administrator for residents to take fun, educational and informational trips.

Writing Letters and Sending Cards

Members or a Sunday School Class can write personal letters and send birthday, anniversary, and special remembrance cards to residents in assisted living.