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The upcoming holiday season means time with family, trips, good meals, fun traditions, and more. Beyond the gifts and treats, this is a season to be around the people you love. Yet, as we age, it can be hard to participate, but it doesn’t mean you or your loved one has to be alone.

Whatever the case may be, growing older shouldn’t lead to a loss of independence and quality of life. So, when it comes time to find help for your loved one, there are a few key distinctions to make when choosing between an assisted living facility and a nursing home (which is no longer the senior care catch-all term it used to be). 

Before you choose the best option for your loved one, here are a few differences, comparisons, and more from the assisted living and memory care experts at Cavalier Senior Living.

What is a Nursing Home?

Typically, residents that are placed in a nursing home often have significant physical or mental health conditions that require 24/7 nursing and care. This type of care may include IV therapy, wound care, catheter care, injections, blood pressure monitoring, and other health services.

Ultimately, if you or your loved one need dedicated medical care from healthcare professionals (outside of a hospital), nursing homes are the best option. 

What is Assisted Living?

Unlike the 24-hour care that nursing homes provide, assisted living focuses on building a community and a resident’s quality of life. While medical assistance is still a large component of assisted living facilities, building independence while providing care is the main motivation. 

Residents in assisted living can expect nutritious meals, a wide range of social activities to cater to a variety of interests, and a sense of community in a safe, residential setting. 

Cavalier Senior Living – Unique & Expert Service

Whether it’s fear of leaving what you know behind or doubt that someone would love your loved one well, at Cavalier Senior Living we understand that assisted living carries a lot of unknowns. 

By establishing an environment of health, safety, and joy we seek to create assisted living communities throughout Alabama instead of assisted living facilities. Through our high-quality amenities, life-enhancing activities, and personalized services, we believe that in our unique memory care and assisted living services, we can create a vibrant environment for your loved one and provide the individuality they deserve.  

Which Option is Best?

In the past several decades, senior living choices have expanded as the needs and expectations of older adults have changed. Finding the right option that meets your loved one’s needs is important in keeping them healthy, active, and safe.

So, while nursing homes and assisted living may seem similar, they fulfill different needs. For more information on our professional assisted living and memory care services, contact Cavalier Senior Living today