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As we grow older, it’s common for us to need more assistance with daily living activities. Yet, the transition to an assisted living community can be overwhelming, confusing, and hard, especially after living independently for so long. However, with your help, your loved one can feel at home in no time. 

Here are a few ways to prepare your loved one for the transition to an assisted living community from Cavalier Senior Living who offers assisted living facilities across Alabama. 

Research and Visit Assisted Living Facilities in Alabama

Before choosing an assisted living facility, it is essential to remember that your loved one has unique wants and needs, which means it is important to find a facility that not only fulfills those needs but does so in a loving and caring way. 

So, in the process of finding an assisted living facility in Alabama, seek guidance from current residents and staff to get a sense of what the community is like. Then, with different options in mind, choose a community that fits within your budget and offers the care your loved one may need.

Downsize and Declutter 

Often, the transition to an assisted living facility requires moving to a smaller space that won’t allow for every possession your loved one may have. So, while it may require patience and grace, it is important to start the process of downsizing and decluttering earlier rather than later. 

Start by sorting through belongings and deciding what to keep, sell, donate, or throw away. This can be a daunting task, so take it one room at a time, and ask family and friends for help if needed.

Bring Home to Their Community

When it comes to moving to an assisted living community in Alabama, one of the most effective ways to ease the transition is to establish an environment that feels like home. When moving to an assisted living community, your loved one will use most of the same sorts of things he or she uses now. But it’s important to remember that space is usually limited, so think smaller scale and fewer items, senior relocation experts say. Focus on what will be used every day, as storage space is limited.

Adult children often want to move the “best” furniture and household goods from a parent’s home or select nice new replacements. But many older adults tend to prefer (and thrive with) what’s familiar and comfortable — so be sure to sound out and respect your loved one’s real preferences. Proper preparation is a key element in your loved one feeling like their new place feels familiar and comfortable

Meet The Assisted Living Community 

One of the greatest benefits of an assisted living community can be found in the name itself, it is a “community”. This means whether it is regular outings, games, or events, assisted living facilities provide ample opportunities for your loved one to grow lifelong friendships with other residents. 

So, once your loved one is comfortable with their new environment, make sure to go meet the neighbors and staff members that will provide any necessary care and specialized treatment. 

Cavalier Senior Living in Alabama

While these are brief tips to help the transition of your loved one to an assisted living community, we know that every single person is going to need unique care and levels of love in order to feel comfortable. 

That’s why at Cavalier Senior Living we seek to create a homelike environment that encourages individuality. Also, with locations across Alabama, you never have to be far from those who may need a little more care. For more information on our assisted living facilities, contact Cavalier Senior Living today!