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How Do I Know
When It’s Time?

“I’m not ready yet!”

This is the most common response we hear when speaking with individuals about considering daily assistance. Moving from your present home into a senior apartment is a difficult decision. Unfortunately, many people wait too long and don’t experience the full enjoyment of a Senior Living Community.

You recognize that you may need some help with cooking meals, medications, cleaning house, yard-work and other chores. So, ask yourself — “How Will I Know When It Is Time?” The following “YES” or “NO” questions will help you.

Am I bored and lonely at times?

Does my social life revolve around the TV?

Is my circle of friends shrinking?

Could I use more exercise?

Is home maintenance a burden?

Do I avoid driving at night or should I stop driving?

Are housekeeping chores not as easy as they used to be?

Am I caring for a spouse and it’s wearing me out?

Am I eating poorly? Have my eating habits changed?

Am I eating alone?

Do I worry about needing help and not getting it in time?

Do I want to enjoy better health?

Am I relying on friends and family to do things for me?

Is it creating a burden for them?

Do I sometimes forget to take my medication?

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If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be ready for the benefits of a Senior Living Community. Fill out the form below and we will get back in touch with you about touring the communities!

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