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Many people question if an assisted living facility is the same as a nursing home, and the simple answer is no. 

While assisted living is similar to nursing homes in terms of providing healthcare assistance, nursing homes are more targeted to residents with more significant health problems.

Whereas, assisted living facilities are more focused on providing essential daily living assistance and providing residents with home-like environments that build loving communities. 

What Do Assisted Living Communities Provide?

Throughout Alabama, assisted living facilities provide residents with engaging social activities and personalized care in order to build healthy lifestyles and home-like environments.  

An active social life can prevent depression and isolation while improving each resident’s quality of life. A few assisted living activities include book clubs, gardening, art and music classes, movie nights, bingo, and even family-style dining. 

While services may vary, most assisted living facilities offer medication management, housekeeping, laundry, meals, as well as assistance with getting dressed and using the restroom. Furthermore, specialized services are often available depending on your loved one’s unique wants and needs. 

Why Choose Assisted Living?

Knowing that it is time for an assisted living facility can be difficult. While relying on your judgment is important, it is also essential to ensure your loved one is comfortable and ready. Each case is unique, but a few signs signify it may be time. 

Many activities in our day-to-day lives may seem like second nature, but as we age these “normal” activities can become difficult to manage. To make an informed decision about your loved one’s needs, it is important to pay attention to how they perform ADLs or “activities of daily living”. 

ADLs can be a number of actions, but some of the more common include bathing, walking, dressing, using the restroom, and eating. If your loved one is unable to independently perform daily ADLs, it may be time to discuss moving to an assisted living community. 

Assisted Living Benefits From Cavalier Senior Living

Senior living facilities like Cavalier Senior Living are perfect for those who need assistance with their day-to-day activities. However, there are more benefits to assisted living than just gaining a helping hand. 

Research shows that the effect of an assisted living community can also increase the overall joy and quality of life for residents and their families. 

With assisted living communities throughout Alabama, Cavalier Senior Living strives to offer the same high-quality service and experience to each and every resident. 

Cavalier Senior Living Alabama Locations:

  • Anniston, AL (McClellan Senior Living)
  • Athens, AL (Limestone Lodge and Limestone Manor)
  • Clanton, AL (Gardens of Clanton)
  • Daphne, AL (Gardens of Daphne)
  • Eufaula, AL (Gardens of Eufaula)
  • Hazel Green, AL (Gardens of Hazel Green)
  • Pelham, AL (Gardens of Pelham)
  • Wetumpka, AL (Gardens of Wetumpka)
  • Glencoe, AL (Silver Lakes Senior Living)

For more information on how an assisted living facility could help your loved one in Alabama, contact Cavalier Senior Living today!