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At some point, your parents’ needs may become more than they can safely handle at home, alone. You begin to recognize that they could use help with managing their medications, bathing, and cooking. One day, you come to the realization that it is simply not safe for them to continue to live at home alone.

As your loved one ages, they may need assistance with meals, transportation, housekeeping, laundry, and hygiene. It’s time to consider the personal care available in assisted living. Think of assisted living as a step above a retirement community but not a nursing home or hospital setting. Your loved one will live freely but also have access to services that make life easier and safer, in an uplifting community.

Below is a list of benefits of moving to an assisted living facility from Cavalier Senior Living, who offers vibrant assisted living communities throughout Alabama.

What are the Benefits of Assisted Living?  

  • Personalized Care
  • Attention to Unique Needs
  • Hands-on Assistance with Daily Activities
  • Safety and Security
  • Socialization
  • Life-enriching Activities
  • Help with Walking / Mobility Challenges
  • Support for Memory Loss
  • Peace of Mind
  • Exercise Programs
  • Comfortable, Home-like Environment
  • Independence and Fun
  • Nutrition / Home-cooked Meals
  • Emergency Preparedness / Pull Cords for Assistance
  • Medication Management
  • Pet Friendly

How is Cavalier Senior Living Different from Other Assisted Living?  

Personalize Care 

If your loved one is struggling with cooking, cleaning, laundry, maintaining the yard, and remembering to take medications timely – our assisted living staff offers personal assistance with daily activities. The Cavalier Senior Living team gets to know each resident, their unique health needs, and their personal preferences. Understanding the support they need, we make them feel at home while assisting with their needs. This may include medication administration and monitoring 24/7. The level of hands-on support needed varies from person to person.

Safety and Security 

Above all, the greatest benefit of having a loved one living in a Cavalier Senior Living community is peace of mind. When you know that your loved one is happy, safe, and secure, you can enjoy life instead of worrying about their care. When driving becomes unsafe, or you worry about the safety of your loved ones alone at home, it’s time to consider assisted living.

Social Activities & Engagement 

Many senior citizens experience isolation and depression. Residents of Cavalier Senior Living communities enjoy an active social life by participating in group exercises, book clubs, weekly Bible studies, gardening, crafts, and other life-enriching activities. Regular social activities and group excursions are designed around their interest. Lasting friendships are formed among fellow residents because there’s always someone to talk with and daily opportunities to have FUN!

Nutrition and Family-Style Dining

Perhaps your parent is at the age where they do not want to cook and clean. You may have noticed weight loss in your loved one during your last visit. Our cooks prepare three meals each day, making life easier and safer. Your loved one will dine “family style” with their fellow residents and neighbors. The menu offers meals rich in nutrients and Cavalier Senior Living residents brag on the tasty home cooking!

Pet Friendly

Cavalier Senior Living is pet friendly! Many seniors live with their animal companions and continue to care for them. Want to bring a furry friend along, just ask the administrator about the pet policy.

Finding Assisted Living in Alabama

While we are a little biased toward who the “best” senior living provider is, we do believe that in our unique memory care and assisted living services, we can not only create a vibrant environment for your loved one but provide the individuality they deserve. 

For more information on our assisted living and memory care facilities in Alabama, contact Cavalier Senior Living today!