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When the time comes to make the transition from independent living into a senior living community, you or your loved ones have options when finding the best solution. There are many wonderful Assisted Living communities and Nursing Homes available to help enable you or your loved one to live their best life while getting the help they need. But, everyone is different and everyone’s needs vary. So, how do you know whether an Assisted Living community or a Nursing Home is right for you? 

There are several important questions to ask yourself when making this big decision. Here are our tips for helping you choose the right senior living community.

Choosing Between Assisted Living and a Nursing Home

What is your senior’s health situation?

The most important difference between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living communities is that Nursing Homes typically accommodate residents with more serious medical conditions who require regular and long-term medical assistance. Residents receive top of the line medical assistance, as they often aren’t in the condition to maintain a highly active lifestyle.

Assisted Living communities, on the other hand, are typically home to senior residents who do not require constant hands-on medical assistance. Seniors who are in good health and able to maintain a more active lifestyle are often more suited for Assisted Living communities. These communities also provide medical support for residents, but at a much less intensive level than Nursing Homes, making Assisted Living generally less expensive than Nursing Homes.

What is your senior’s lifestyle?

All seniors have different capacities for maintaining an active lifestyle, so different senior living communities may accommodate them better than others. Residents in Nursing Homes generally need more assistance with being active, while residents of Assisted Living communities are generally more independent. 

Assisted Living communities offer group outings and activities for residents that promote an active lifestyle to help keep residents happy and healthy. The social activities offered are targeted to the interests of the residents in order to serve them as best as possible. So, if your senior is capable and wants to stay more active, an Assisted Living community may serve them better than a Nursing Home.

What are the priorities for your senior?

Some seniors need assistance with some daily activities and are mostly independent, and others need more intentional care to manage their health and well being. It is important to know the priorities for your senior when joining a senior living community. 

Generally, Nursing Homes are tailored to residents who require constant care, have limited mobility, need assistance eating, and/or have progressive conditions. Assisted Living communities are tailored to residents whose priorities are finding assistance with some daily activities, receiving minor medical care, building community, and having a steady, healthy meal plan.

Cavalier Senior Living, Alabama Assisted Living Experts 

Cavalier Senior Living offers vibrant homelike communities, loving caregivers, and more to make the move to assisted living as easy as possible. We strive everyday to provide first class service and family like care to each and every one of our residents.

If you or your loved one are making the choice to transition to a senior living community, we are here to help. Contact us today for expert advice on your situation. We would love to answer any questions you may have about Assisted Living communities, Nursing Homes, and how to choose between the two. 

Cavalier Senior Living offers a wide variety of assisted living facilities and services for both the elderly and memory-impaired across Alabama. Our teams of medical and community-driven professionals are here to make sure your loved ones are well taken care of in every sense. For more information on assisted living in Alabama, or to ask us more about choosing between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes, contact Cavalier Senior Living today