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Are you the manager or owner of a Senior Living Community? Are you looking for a way to boost your census and stay in compliance of all regulatory rules of an Assisted Living and Memory Care Community? You are not alone, and Cavalier Senior Living Management Solutions can help you no matter the size of the community. They offer hundreds of seniors a care-free and joyful retirement in a homelike environment. In addition, Cavalier Senior Living provides management and services for others in the senior care industry.

“With an aging population, you’re going to need quality assisted living and memory care communities.” said Brad Eisemann, Founder and President of Cavalier Senior Living Management Services. Eisemann continued, “We have developed an enthusiastic and experienced team of healthcare professionals that provide insight and wisdom into how to be successful in the senior living community and generate profit”.

Cavalier Senior Living has years of experience in assisted living and memory care. As your property manager, Cavalier Senior Living will be responsible for the care of residents and compliance with all regulatory rules. Let them manage the day-to-day operations of your senior living property to include rent collection, expense payments, building maintenance, payroll, training, and marketing to increase occupancy. Whether your future in assisted living operations involves growth, development, acquisition, emergency compliance or financial investment, Cavalier Senior Living offers a wide array of management and consultant services.

Kelly Lee, Executive Director of McClellan Senior Living has been a client of Cavalier Senior Living since 2021. “I find them to be extremely knowledgeable and generous with their time.” Lee added “A property owner would need look no further to find the best in Brad Eisemann and his team of dedicated professionals.”

Wilma Yopp, Executive Director of Silver Lakes Senior Living, agrees. Yopp has worked with several different corporations and management firms. “Cavalier Senior Living Team’s leadership and support has been outstanding. They have fresh ideas and proven experience to operate a successful senior living community.”

“I feel like I work for someone who cares about their employees and residents. It’s an honor to be a part of the Cavalier team”, says Jessica Bickley. Jessica is the Administrator at Gardens of Wetumpka and has worked with several other management companies in the past. Jessica added, “I have the support and resources I need to be successful.”

Is your company ready for the increase of the aging population? Are you behind on expenses? Do you need help with marketing? What about navigating compliances? Give Cavalier Senior Living Management Solutions a call at 334-604-0545 or visit