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Resident Ambassadors: Easing The Transistion

Moving can be frightening for people of any age. In fact, it’s one of the toughest transitions a person faces in life. For seniors, the move to an assisted living facility can cause anxiety over finding their way around an unfamiliar environment, trying to fit into established social groups and figuring out the routine. To address these challenges, Cavalier Senior Living has implemented a new program known as Resident Ambassadors.…
July 5, 2023
Assisted Living

Debunking Common Misconceptions About Assisted Living

Life in assisted living is vibrant, enjoyable, and meaningful. So why are there so many negative connotations associated with it? Let’s break down some of the most common misconceptions about assisted living. Debunking Common Misconceptions About Assisted Living Nursing homes are the same as assisted living Unlike assisted living, nursing homes are actually specifically designed for residents with serious health conditions. Residents are often terminally ill or cognitively impaired, and…
June 29, 2023
Assisted Living

Common Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living

As you search for the “best” assisted living community in Alabama, it is important to find a community that provides activities that enhance your loved one’s well-being and quality of life. These activities should not only promote physical fitness but also stimulate mental and emotional health.  Below are a few of the most common activities found in assisted living communities that foster social connections, encourage personal growth, and provide enjoyment…
May 31, 2023
Assisted LivingSenior Living

How to Prepare Your Loved One for Assisted Living

Having a conversation with your loved one about moving to an assisted living community can be a challenging task. Not only can it be difficult to initiate such a conversation, but it can also be hard to convince your loved one that it is the best decision for them. As much as it may be a challenging conversation for you, it is crucial to approach it with empathy, respect, and…
April 28, 2023
Assisted Living

How to Prepare for the Transition to Assisted Living

As we grow older, it's common for us to need more assistance with daily living activities. Yet, the transition to an assisted living community can be overwhelming, confusing, and hard, especially after living independently for so long. However, with your help, your loved one can feel at home in no time.  Here are a few ways to prepare your loved one for the transition to an assisted living community from…
March 21, 2023
Assisted Living

A Guide to Assisted Living in Alabama

Many people question if an assisted living facility is the same as a nursing home, and the simple answer is no.  While assisted living is similar to nursing homes in terms of providing healthcare assistance, nursing homes are more targeted to residents with more significant health problems. Whereas, assisted living facilities are more focused on providing essential daily living assistance and providing residents with home-like environments that build loving communities. …
February 16, 2023
Assisted Living

What is Assisted Living?

At some point, your parents’ needs may become more than they can safely handle at home, alone. You begin to recognize that they could use help with managing their medications, bathing, and cooking. One day, you come to the realization that it is simply not safe for them to continue to live at home alone. As your loved one ages, they may need assistance with meals, transportation, housekeeping, laundry, and hygiene.…
January 25, 2023
Assisted LivingMemory Care

How to Help Memory Care Patients Enjoy Christmas

A home during Christmas is typically full of all kinds of festive traditions, from caroling with your neighbors to gingerbread houses with your family. Unfortunately, these traditions can become hazy with age, especially with terrible diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia thrown into the mix.  Furthermore, if a loved one is now in a memory care facility due to these diseases, it can be hard for them to find joy away…
December 14, 2022
Assisted Living

Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes

The upcoming holiday season means time with family, trips, good meals, fun traditions, and more. Beyond the gifts and treats, this is a season to be around the people you love. Yet, as we age, it can be hard to participate, but it doesn’t mean you or your loved one has to be alone. Whatever the case may be, growing older shouldn’t lead to a loss of independence and quality…
November 14, 2022