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The Importance of Memory Care

What is Memory Care?

Embracing the Journey is a person centered memory care program weaving personal care in your parent’s life story. We offer memory care programs that are personal to our members in order to make their living in the community feel comfortable and homey.

How the Program Works

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Keep it Simple!

Experts strongly recommend the “Keep it Simple” approach to dementia care. The simplicity of our building ensures that residents learn their way around quickly. The longest distance a resident travels from a bedroom to the common area is 36 steps! This minimizes agitation, confusion, sun downing, and other distressing symptoms of dementia. The simple layout also ensures that leadership is not removed from the day-to-day operations and is directly involved in every aspect of daily routines.

Honoring Their Life Story

With our memory care program, mom and dad’s life story is the starting place for personalized care. Our story-centered approach allows us to embrace your loved one’s abilities, preferences, and rich past. Acknowledging a person’s personal history is what allows older adults to maintain their respect, dignity, and often, their connection to the world around them and the people they love!

Let Us Be Part of Your Journey!

This isn’t just a memory care wing in an assisted living. We offer free standing communities focused on the unique needs of dementia. Residents can enjoy a comfortable home along with compassionate caregivers ready to lend a helping hand 24 hours a day. Choose from a private studio apartment or semi-private deluxe studio.

Area’s Best Choice for Dementia Care

Our memory care facilities like Limestone Lodge and Manor have been providing dementia and memory care since 2004 which allows us to give mom and dad 19 years of dedicated and experienced care.


Since our communities offer a small, close-knit family environment, your loved ones will only have 15 neighbors. This ensures just the right amount of companionship without too much stimulation and confusion.

Success in the Journey

Nothing is more important than to approach any activity as a chance to engage and involve your loved one with dementia and hopefully add to their life. It matters not the end result, what he or she paints or how it looks. What matters is “doing it.” We have scheduled activities planned around the needs of our memory care residents, whether they be social, emotional, intellectual, physical, or spiritual.

Meaningful Moments

There is powerful meaning in small moments. We recognize the power of small, meaningful moments of daily life. Our community is set up to encourage these spontaneous moments in normal daily tasks that so many of residents spent their lives performing.