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What Our Families Say

My Mom lives here, the Gardens has really helped her. Thanks.

Family of Resident

My mom was a resident at the Gardens but has since passed. The one thing that stays with me is the love and patience that was given to her by the staff and administration. The time they spent listening to family members and doing as much as they could to accommodate their needs. Mom had been in several assisted living facilities and with this one being small she received more love, affection and daily care than she would have received at home or the other places she had lived. I would choose to live there myself, I like having a loving atmosphere, good food and cleanness, I like making my own decisions and having someone to talk with, knowing there is help when needed and knowing I was wanted.


Great place for my Mother to live.

Ron, Son of Resident

The Gardens of Daphne is a happy, happy place to come visit! The residents are treated like family here! The employees care so much and really go out of their way to make sure each and every resident is well cared for and happy!


This is a wonderful place. My sister moved there in January. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Since the facility is small it gives everyone the chance to get to know each other. It is a family setting.

Carol, Sister of Resident

I have lived here three years. I couldn't ask for a more home-like place. The staff is very loving and do their best to make everyone happy.

Winifred, Resident

The smaller assisted living works well for our family. It is clean and a very caring group.

Family of Resident

Very nice for my Aunt.


I have a family member that recently moved into the Gardens of Daphne. I have visited with her a couple of times and have been very impressed with quality of care and the cleanliness of the building. She really seems to enjoy the meals and the activities. I'm so glad she choose the Gardens of Daphne!


I have a friend who is a resident and has been for a year. She absolutely loves the small home-like and friendly atmosphere. The staff and administrator is very warm and caring and seems to go above and beyond to make sure their residents are happy and we'll cared for.

S. Williams